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What makes us different

Multidisciplinary approach

We integrate multiple disciplines, such as science, math, and engineering, which can encourage students to think creatively across different domains and develop interdisciplinary skills.

Specialised focus

We specialise in specific areas of STEM education, for example Architecture. This allows us to provide more in-depth and focused instruction in each area of expertise.

Developing Fine Motor Skills

It is important for children to have a balance of digital and traditional activities. Our provision promotes offline activities and encourages children that may have become over reliant on digital devices for entertainment and learning, that building and making physical products is fun.

Unique teaching methods

We actively promote experiential learning, which is a teaching and learning approach that involves actively engaging learners in real-world experiences, rather than just presenting them with information to memorise.

Our programs


Prep - y6

STEMgineers is a non-computer based, practical club. Children design, develop and construct a range of engineering based projects.

It covers a wide range of engineering principles, children keep the projects they make to continue learning from home.

Projects include Pneumatic Tipper Trucks, Fan Powered Cars, Fidget Spinners, Dragster, Air Rockets plus many more.

Maths Makers

prep - y6

Maths Makers is a practical and enjoyable approach to learning key concept maths.

Following the National Maths Curriculum children construct a range of practical maths projects, children then use these projects to complete a wide range of games and activities.

Projects include Money Wallets, Bead Number Lines, Giant Fraction Robots, Magnetic Fishing, Flip/Slide/Turn Books, Spin & Tally plus many more

Spark Makers

year 3-6

Spark Makers is a program that provides children with the opportunity to explore and learn about various aspects of electronics and technology.

The club covers a wide range of topics, including basic electronics, circuit design, programming, robotics, and more.

Spark Makers provides students with an engaging and challenging learning environment that promotes creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration.

Cosmetic Chemistry

Years 3-6

Cosmetic Chemistry is a practical science club where children make a range of products including skincare, aromatherapy, haircare and eco-household raw materials.

Using all natural products children learn about reactions, molecules, solubility, elements and much more. They also design their own packaging.

Projects Include Bath Bombs, Exfoliate Scrubs, Soap Bars plus many more.

Young Architects

years 3-6

Young Architects is a computer based, architectural design club. Children design a range of Architectural projects using 3D modelling CAD (computer aided design).

Once they have learnt the basics of the program (Tinkercad) they design dens, houses and sky scrapers.

Learn all about: Structures, Building Materials, Proportions, Environmental Design & Inclusive Design.

Circuit Makers

years 3-6

Dive into the fascinating world of electronics! Our after-school club is an electrifying journey for kids, where they explore the magic of building and coding electronic circuits using the innovative Tinkercad software. Through hands-on activities and guided lessons, children unleash their creativity to craft electronic-based projects, fostering a love for technology and innovation in a supportive, fun environment.

Digi Designers

Years 3-6

Digi Designers is a program designed to introduce children to the world of 3D modeling and design using the online platform Tinkercad.

Tinkercad is a user-friendly platform that allows students to create and design their own 3D objects using a variety of tools and shapes.

The projects can vary from simple to complex, depending on the skill level of the children. Some projects might include designing their own avatar, a rocket or even a small toy.

Science Makers

years Prep -Y6

Science Makers is an extracurricular program designed to provide children with an opportunity to engage in hands-on science activities.

The sessions may focus on a particular area of science, such as biology, physics, or chemistry, or it may offer a range of activities that cover multiple areas of science.

The sessions inspire and cultivate an interest in science among young learners, as well as develop their critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills.

Tech Textiles

years 3-6

Tech Textiles is a program that provides students with an opportunity to learn about the intersection of electronics and textiles.

The club provides students with a variety of materials such as conductive thread, fabric, and basic electronic components to experiment with.

Children learn a range of skills including basic circuit design and sewing. They also develop their problem-solving and creativity skills, as they need to come up with innovative ways to integrate electronics into their textile designs.

Hear from happy parents

“My daughter has enjoyed every single session. She comes home with the fab things she has made and cannot wait to show us how they work and how she made them. This weekend we are recreating the sweetie tower challenge! It’s been so great for her, and I hope it continues, as she loves being an engineer.”

- saint stephens college parent

“Great links to science and DT and loved the little booklets she completed which described what she had done”

“Lily absolutely loved this club! She would ideally like to attend one every week if possible”

- newington college linfield parents

“My son enjoyed every session and brought home his finished product with excitement”

“My child really enjoyed this club and us wanting to do it again if possible next year. The teacher was fantastic”

- norfolk village state school parents

Hear from happy schools

“Yes, WE LOVE STEMgineers here at Mackenzie State School!”

- Jamiee paul, mackenzie state school

“It has been a great pleasure to have the STEMgineers Club avaiable here at KDSC and we will be happy to promote and host again in 2023”

- Phillip Ridinsky, kuranda district state school

“Yes we would love to have STEMgineers back next year!”

- Nicole mcgregor, silkwood schools

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